Sep 26, 2022

Strength in Unity: Working Hand-in-Hand 🤝🏻

This is about the All hands meeting, a culture that best shows how the members of Retentics are working!
Strength in Unity: Working Hand-in-Hand 🤝🏻
We’d like to introduce you to the All Hands, a culture that best shows how the members of Retentics are working! Every Wednesday, all members gather in one place (including Zoom…) It is a place where we can communicate horizontally and freely, and it is a culture with the highest satisfaction and expectations of all our members.
This contents about,
✅ What is All Hands?
✅ How is it organized?

What is All Hands?

This is a meeting to share the plan and issues throughout the company to help Friday's Lab move in a better direction. The overall status of the company is updated, and the team members share their work achievements or issues as well (If any).
If possible, all members of Friday's Lab are planning to gather together in the meeting room, but some members are unable to join us face-to-face, so we are meeting with Zoom at the same time.
Weekly team meetings, stand-up meetings, ad-hoc meetings if necessary, and even spending more than half of the week together, why are we doing this?
“Remind the direction of the Retentics through missions and core value,” “Ask the questions and giving feedback freely beyond the teams,” and “Free lunch by company (a.k.a. Happy hour)” It can be explained for the above three reasons.

How is it organized?

First of all, the meeting begins with the mission reminder of Retentics.
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Through the one-sentence, “We popularize AI tech to optimize business processes”, We can continue to think about why we are here and how we can contribute by ourselves.
Next, the leadership shares transparently management, recruiting, sales, finance milestones, and overall business news about our company. And then, all members share their achievements, issues, and tasks. At the end of each quarter, all members, including leadership, share their individual achievements over the past three months, with reflections and the next goals of the next quarter. This is how we say goodbye to the quarter.
In the process of sharing, we are all happy about our company's growth, commend the individual achievements, and thank members for their help. Furthermore, It will be a more meaningful time for not only the Ops team, who are curious about the new features added to the product, but also the Product team, who are curious about the voice of customers, asking each other questions and to ideation together beyond the team.
And Finally, the meeting ends with the reminder of Retentics's 7 core values and Flywheel culture.
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If it is the end of the meeting, it can not be called Retentics, which is good at having fun, eating well, and working well. The real _final_of the All Hands is a free lunch by company! We decided to call it “Happy Hour.” Of course, We’ve been offered a personal corporate card for every lunch. But all of our members cannot wait every wednesday.
Our office is located near Gangnam station, where there are various famous restaurants, and there are a lot of members including gourmet , so if we just follow them, we will never fail.
Sometimes when the weather is nice, we go on a picnic to the Han River with picnic 🍕🍻🍗⛱
notion image
This is a photo of our first picnic in which the team wore a Team t-shirt (I think there's a spy 🧐)
The days are getting shorter and autumn is just around the corner(High sky and plump horses in Korean). In other words, the day is coming when we go on a picnic wearing team hoodies, right? 🤓😆😉😎
Team hoodies, mats, and food are always ready to go to the picnic! Let's hurry up and join our teams to have a happy hour in Han River together. 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Written by Ssong Kim
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