Sep 05, 2023

[Event] Start Customer Analysis with Data Analysis Workbook

"Data Analysis Workbook" created by Retentics allows you to start analyzing your brand's data!
[Event] Start Customer Analysis with Data Analysis Workbook
Customer data analysis has become an essential element in understanding our customers deeply and executing tailored advertisements today. It involves analyzing customer characteristics, preferences, behavior patterns, etc., to understand who interacts with the business and how, facilitating data-driven decision-making.
Through Retentix's "Data Analysis Workbook," you can learn why data analysis is necessary, how to do it, and practical use cases for your brand!

Table of Contents Preview:

1. A Taste of Growth Hacking: From Setting Hypotheses to Validation

Growth Funnel and Growth Hacking Methodology

2. How to Find Loyal Customers for Our Brand

Step-by-step methods from setting hypotheses to customer analysis for finding loyal customers

3. Cohort Analysis for Long-term Performance Measurement

What is a cohort, why it's needed, methods, and real-world examples

4. Successful Campaign Cases

Case studies on personalized product recommendation campaigns, item journey analysis, and onboarding program design

Workbook Preview

Chapter 1: From Hypothesis Setting to Validation - A Taste of Growth Hacking

We will explain, with examples, how to set goals and formulate hypotheses for business strategy using Growth Funnels (AARRR) and Growth Hacking techniques.

Chapter 2: Finding Loyal Customers for Our Brand

We will describe how to formulate hypotheses and prioritize them based on impact and difficulty to discover the characteristics of loyal customers for our brand. You can follow steps STEP1 through STEP4 to explore methods that can be directly applied to our brand in the quest to find loyal customers.
We will also cover how to validate hypotheses and use customer segmentation to identify purchasing patterns, ultimately finding the best strategies to convert customers into loyal ones.

Chapter 3: Cohort Analysis for Long-Term Performance Measurement

We will provide a detailed explanation of cohorts, why cohort analysis is essential, and the methods and practical examples of cohort analysis. You will gain insights into what each type of cohort analysis (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) reveals. Through case studies, we will delve into how Retentics' clients approached business problems, used cohort analysis, and calculated appropriate costs for promotions.

Chapter 4: Case Studies in CRM Campaigns

Through case studies of personalized product recommendation campaigns and item journey analysis, you will learn how to identify customer churn points, recognize products favored by retained customers, and design onboarding programs specifically for new customers. You will have access to case studies from various clients.

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