A Look Back at Shoptalk 2024

Team Retentics attended the Shoptalk 2024 conference in Las Vegas last March! we’ll summarize the most talked-about trends at Shoptalk 2024 and the activities at the Retentics booth.
Apr 11, 2024
A Look Back at Shoptalk 2024
Shoptalk is one of the world’s largest retail conferences, bringing together retail experts from various industries to share insights and explore the latest trends and technologies of today. Team Retentics participated with a booth, showcasing our hyper-personalized email marketing solution for DTC brands through live demonstrations and engaging in conversations with people from various industries.
In this post, we’ll summarize the most talked-about trends at Shoptalk 2024 and the activities at the Retentics booth. Stay tuned till the end for the results of the on-site poll on “The Most Important Metrics in Email Marketing” at our booth!

🤖 Successful e-commerce= Using AI?

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the main trend at Shoptalk 2024 was the "Potential of AI". Of course, for IT companies with experts and large corporations with specialized departments, how to apply AI in their operations is a competitive edge.
But times are changing, every industry is transforming. In the case of the retail industry, it's becoming increasingly important to utilize AI-based solutions tailored to their business needs. At Shoptalk 2024, there was a significant emphasis on discussions and sessions about customer-based marketing strategies based on AI.
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Better shopping experience

Enhancing customer service in retail is about providing the most satisfying shopping experience. Let's explore examples from Shoptalk 2024 where AI was used to offer consumers an appealing shopping experience!

Store Integration Technology: The Case of Walmart

According to a speech by a Walmart representative at Shoptalk, they have emphasized the importance of technology that links offline and online by conveying examples of how artificial intelligence has been used to improve in-store operations such as logistics efficiency and inventory availability.

Customer Personalization Technology: The Case of Shinola

Shinola, a brand selling premium watches and wallets, revealed that they are enhancing customer management by promoting based on regional preferences and providing a store environment customized to the customer. This involves observing the pace and focus of customers and suggesting personalized sales to them.
Sessions by retail industry experts predicted that loyalty relationships based on providing personalized experiences to strengthen the bond between stores and customers will become increasingly important.

🙌🏻 The Retentics Experience

At the Retentics booth, we showcased "Retentics," our hyper-personalized email marketing solution for DTCs! Retentics is an AI software designed to help companies operating in the DTC space boost their revenue growth based on customer retention. Utilizing our proprietary AI technology, Analyzing customer data and providing various essential features for e-commerce brands to do hyper-personalized marketing, from targeting to dynamic product recommendations.
The atmosphere at the event was electric⚡️
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What is the most important email metrics in retail?

Various events took place on-site. Among them, we did a live poll to find out which email marketing metric is considered the most important in the retail industry (In my email marketing, ‘This is always my top focus!). Among all the email marketing metrics, the options provided were: open rate, click-through rate, purchase conversion rate, and unsubscribe rate. And then, attendees were asked to place a sticker on the metric they considered most important.
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The live poll results showed that the Purchase rate was considered the most important metric by nearly half of the participants, with 47% of the votes.
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🏆 Purchase rate(47%)
Click rate(23%)
Open rate(22%)

How to increase purchase rates?

There are various strategies to increase purchase conversion rates through emails. The most accessible method might be sending promotional emails or discount coupons tailored to seasons or events. However, it's not sufficient enough to send emails only once a month at most.
Therefore, it's noticeable that many email marketing solutions have recently started to make features that recommend products based on purchase history using AI. Yet, for a higher purchase conversion rate, the timing of the email is also crucial! Sending a recommendation for the next product just three days after a purchase could increase customer fatigue.
Are you curious about how to select a custom target for promotions that run every week? ▶️ Contact Retentics to find out more!

🏃🏻‍♀️‍➡️ A look back at Shoptalk 2024,

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The Retentics team found it meaningful to meet with customers and have engaging conversations with many stakeholders across the e-commerce ecosystem. In particular, we were inspired in the area of personalized marketing to increase the utility of customer data and provide a more attractive customer experience. It seems like there will be a lot to do in the future to help DTC brands, of all sizes, enhance customer experience and loyalty with AI!
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