Retentics Solution For Customer Retention Maximization

See how Retentics works
with your business

See how Retentics works with your business

Loyal Customers
Care for Potentially Loyal Customers
Retentics divides customers in a few groups, estimates whether the groups’ purchase cycles are representative for all customers, and decides which customers to include in which groups. Retentics also sorts out prospective loyal customers from other customers and it is proved that their repurchase rate is 6 times higher than that of other customers. Build a strong fan base through Retentics’s segmentation.
Fine Tune Customer Journey
Optimizing the customer journey from the acquisition to being a loyal customer is as important as improving items or service. Make customers loyal by building optimal customer journeys and optimizing Acquisition > First purchase > Repurchase > Loyal customer funnel with Retentics.
Customer Journey
Increase CRM Performance
Retentics recommends an item that each customer is most likely to purchase next. Check out the performance of Retentics's recommendation algorithm through a business use-case where the number of buyers increased by 230% and the ARPPU increased by 280%.
Optimize MKT Expense
Analyze customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and retention rate according to various conditions, such as channel, purchase item and cohort in each group. With Retentics and the analysis above, calculate Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) optimization, contribution margin, and upselling promotional costs.
Optimize MKT Expense
Shape a business growth strategy with Retentics
Shape a business growth strategy with Retentics